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Parental Complaints Procedure
The Parental Complaints Procedure provides parents and teachers with a structured and agreed format with which to seek resolution to grievances and complaints which can arise, from time to time, in schools. Based on the principles of fair procedures, the intention at each stage of the procedure is to provide a format for both parties to explore a resolution at the earliest opportunity.

The revised parental complaints procedure agreed by the INTO and the management bodies of primary schools is designed to provide an open and clearly defined process to facilitate parents/legal guardians in raising concerns about their own child/children in an agreed, fair and transparent manner, with a view to seeking an early resolution of the issue.

The purpose of the revised procedure is for parents and legal guardians to engage constructively with schools where a concern arises and to have it addressed at local level in an efficient manner, in the best interests of all parties.

The revised procedure will come into effect for all parental complaints from 1 January 2024.

A copy of the parental complaints procedure nay be otained through the school office or you can download a copy here.

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